Living Room Project – Part I

Welcome to the first post on our blog!

My newest project…..of the handful I’m working on right now……is to redecorate my living room.

The decor hasn’t changed much since I moved in a few years ago and all the furniture (or at least the majority) are hand-me-down from family. My living room is very long and narrow. Visualize a rectangle facing you short ends on top and bottom…..long ends on the sides. That is basically the shape of my living room. The bottom short edge contains the front entry door, a window and the only satellite connection in the room. The long side to the left has the door leading to the master suite and two small hallways that lead from the living room past the dining room into the kitchen.
The top short edge has a French door leading onto the deck, a stone fireplace and a window. The long side on the right contains one hallway leading into two additional bedrooms and a bathroom.

The previous family who lived here painted the room a very dark beige color. That color coupled with the black curtains (leftover from another house) that I hung when I moved in made for a cave-like room. After living like a vampire for a few years I decided it was time to lighten and brighten.

Old Wall Paint Color & New Trim Paint Color

This photograph shows the beige color that was here when I moved in and the new trim color.  

I chose a few colors of gray (my mother says I’m obsessed with the color) while at Lowe’s this week. I eventually chose a color from Sherwin Williams HGTV Home collection called Passive for the wall color and Extra White for the trim. I spent an hour this weekend painting a couple walls using my new colors. After they dried I realized the gray I chose was WAY too pale for the bright white trim. It is a beautiful color in direct sunlight but takes on a blue cast when in shadow. This blue color clashes with the mantle decor. I’ll start over with wall color choices again this week.


1st New Paint Color in Direct Sunlight

(Wall Paint: Passive by Sherwin Williams HGTV Home Collection &

Extra White by Sherwin Williams HGTV Home Collection)


The next thing I changed was the mantle decor. I found this great photograph on Pinterest of a mantle decorated for spring. I fell in love! I felt like I could take that basic idea and turn it in to a mantle that wasn’t limited to the spring season.

I scoured local flea markets and antique store for bits and pieces to make the vision in my head a reality. The inspiration photograph utilized a DIY canvas with a cute saying. I chose to use an old window instead. The window will eventually have an olive leaf wreath layered on top of it but I haven’t managed to get a hook to hang it yet.


Old Window on Mantle

(Antique Window: The Cotton Seed Market)


The inspiration photo used old pitchers painted white as a vase. I found these cute galvanized pails and filled mine with floral stems. I have no idea what “flowers” I used but I love that they have various textures and shades of green. The pails were placed on either side of the window. To the right side I added a few small milk pitchers that I found a flea market.

Slightly layered on top of the window to the left I placed a white platter. My neighbor was nice enough to cut out a vinyl number four to place in the center to give it some pizazz.


Platter and Pail

(Platter: TJ Maxx; Galvanized Pail and Floral Stems: Hobby Lobby)

Flea Market Milk Pitchers

(Milk Pitchers: The Cotton Seed Market; Galvanized Pail and Floral Stems: Hobby Lobby)

I’m still on the look-out for some small white dinner plates. Once I find three more I’ll hang them on either side of the window so it will give a little more height to the mantle. I have managed to find one single milk glass plate but not lucky enough to find any more that jump out at me and say “BUY ME!”. I’ve also got a few shabby candlesticks up there for now too but I’m not quite sure what I want to do with them.

To the right of the fireplace is my new horizontal bookcase. I previously had two 5-shelf vertical bookcases I bought from Ikea years ago. They were placed on either side of the makeshift television stand. My new bookcase is bright white. I filled it with the few hardback books I kept and a few odds & ends I picked up here and there.


Horizontal Bookcase

(Horizontal Bookcase: Target)

My previous furniture included a couch, love seat and slipper chair that was given to me when my mother purchased new furniture. I’ve still got the couch right now because I’m so picky about the couch I want and can’t find. The love seat was initially placed in front of the fireplace (see section about awkward room layout at the top). I’ve replaced the love seat and gotten rid of the slipper chair. I found a couple cute armchairs online and placed a metal pedestal side table between the two. I’m still looking for lumbar pillows to place in them for some color.


Old Love Seat

This is the old love seat that was previously in front of the fireplace.

Chairs - Mantle in background

(Armchairs: Target; Pedestal Table: Wayfair)

Hydrangea in Cream Footed Vase

(Cream Footed Vase: Antique FarmhouseHydrangea stems: Hobby Lobby)

I’m still working on all other parts of the living room but have picked up a few things here and there. I hope you’ll return to see how the project is progressing over the next few weeks.

New Mantle Decor


I just received part of my next living room project! Check out my new oversized clock!


Oversized Clock

(Oversized Galvanized Clock: Wayfair)


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