Harvest Decor

I had planned on writing a post about some of the old architecture in Texarkana but once I’d gotten there to take photographs it was crazy busy. Unbeknownst to me they were having a parade in downtown to celebrate the Four States Fair today. So instead of my planned post I had to improvise.

As I was headed to TJ Maxx to pick up a platter to replace the one from previous mantle pictures I decided to stop to see what Kirkland’s had. (I learned the hard way that it’s not a good idea to nail a hole in the wall without taking the platter down first.)

Kirkland’s had a huge selection of fall decor. Lots of orange, brown, gold, and glitter everywhere. Here was my inspiration! I immediately started stocking up on all kinds of good stuff.

Harvest Themed Mantle for Fall

And here it is!  Please ignore the terrible wall color(s)…..I’ve yet to find the right gray!

Kirkland’s had some really cute banners. I ended up choosing the one that says “Harvest” and hung it right on the mantle.

Harvest Banner

Harvest Banner from Kirkland’s

I also got some mini jute pumpkins in orange and natural, glitter coated acorns, pinecones, and the CUTEST burlap chevron pumpkin!

Jute Pumpkins

I'm in love with these!

Natural Jute Mini Pumpkins from Kirkland’s

Pinecone Close Ups

Pinecones and Acorns from Kirkland’s

Coffee Table Arrangement

Orange Jute Mini Pumpkins, Shiny Pumpkins, and Glitter Acorns from Kirkland’s. These were piled in a white porcelain serving bowl and placed on my coffee table.

After spending way too much money and time in Kirkland’s I headed over to TJ Maxx to see if I could find a replacement platter for the one I broke. Got lucky because they had another just like I had. I also picked up a handblown glass pumpkin and a table runner. The glass pumpkin was paired with a few of the items I picked up at Kirkland’s and placed on the metal side table between my arm chairs. Oh yeah….I also got a yellow throw too while at TJ Maxx.

Hand Blown Glass Pumpkin

Handblown Glass Pumpkin from TJ Maxx, Natural Jute Mini Pumpkin from Kirkland’s, red pumpkin and leaves from Kirkland’s, Acorns from Hobby Lobby, white milk glass vase from Resurrections Antiques in Sheridan, AR.

Last stop from the day was a quick run to Hobby Lobby to pick up some floral stems for my dining room table arrangement.

Dining Room Table Arrangement

Closer Up of Dining Room Arrangement

This arrangement was made with seven different floral stems and three white sunflower picks all from Hobby Lobby. I also added the burlap chevron pumpkin I found at Kirkland’s and filled in a bit with some of the acorns and pinecones. Table runner from TJ Maxx.

Below are a few more pictures of the various items I picked up today. I’ll try to let you know below each picture where I purchased each item.

Close up of Mantle Items

Leaf and acorns from Hobby Lobby, yellow puffy thing is a floral stem also from Hobby Lobby, Harvest canvas from Kirkland’s.

Close up of dining room centerpiece

All floral stems, acorns, and pinecones from Hobby Lobby. Burlap chevron pumpkin from Kirkland’s.

Close up of mantle

Pinecones, acorns, leaf, and yellow floral stem from Hobby Lobby. Harvest canvas from Kirkland’s.

Closer Mantle

Harvest Sunflower stacks, Harvest banner, Harvest canvas, small pumpkins all from Kirkland’s.

Raffia Pumpkin Candlesticks

Orange and Natural Jute Mini Pumpkins, Sunflower stacks and Harvest canvas all from Kirkland’s. White candlesticks from Owl’s Nest Flea Market in Texarkana, TX.

Close Up of Pinecones

Close Up Candlesticks

Gold Pumpkins and Giant Acorn

Gold pumpkin from Kirkland’s, giant acorn and pinecones from Hobby Lobby.

Harvest Wreath

Close up of my autumn door wreath. 

I hope you enjoyed all the pictures and that I’ve inspired you to create your own Autumn decor! If I’ve forgotten to label anything or anyone wants to know how much I paid for each item just comment below.

Full Mantle View

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