New Entry Console

Saturday morning I got up with the agenda of spending a few hours at the flea markets in Texarkana. I didn’t have anything in particular I was in search of but wanted to see if inspiration strikes. I ended up spending some money because inspiration did strike just not where I had planned.

New Entry Console

First stop of the morning was The Vintage Bucket on State Line. This place is huge and has just almost anything you would ever want…and some things you never knew you wanted. I may be stopping back by for some corbels later this month! I was this close to buying a chicken coop turned coffee table but changed my mind. I will be on the look out for a new coffee table soon but I need to figure out what couch I want first then decide on coffee table shape later.

Next stop was the Owl’s Nest Flea Market on Texas Blvd. I immediately headed to my favorite booth. Not sure who owns it but they always have these industrial, vintage, metal stuff. I was again this close to picking up an industrial organizer and a vintage wood berry tray with pint baskets. Left empty handed again.

I was almost ready to give up but if I’m in Texarkana I’m at least going to hit up TJ Maxx and Kirkland’s.

As I headed into TJ Maxx I figured I wouldn’t find anything but I hit the fall decor jackpot. I had been drooling over pictures of these cute garlands I’d been seeing on different blogs. Everyone said they’d purchased them at Marshall’s (which we don’t have) but I got lucky and found a set at TJ Maxx!

White Pumpkin Garland

Sorry for the shadowy pictures on today’s post. It was awfully dreary outside so I didn’t have the natural light I normally do. Fingers crossed it actually leads to rain.

Next stop…Kirkland’s. Last week when I was there I stumbled across these white candlesticks but talked myself out of them. I should have known I’d be back to pick them up.

White Candlesticks

Candlesticks from Kirkland’s & Silver Glass Pumpkins from TJ Maxx

I also picked up a cute plaque and a new weathered gray console with chalkboard drawers. It fits the space much better than the table I previously had in the space.

Weathered Gray Console Table

Console table from Kirkland’s & Star Marquee from

I found this pitcher at a flea market in DeWitt, AR. It was originally clear glass. I painted it to resemble mercury glass using Krylon Looking Glass spray paint. It was super easy and works for any clear glass item. If you want directions go here. It is filled with some fall floral I found today at Walmart.

New Entry Console

Now that I have a pitcher filled with fall flowers and the silver pumpkins on the white candlesticks I need something to fill the middle. I grabbed a black tray that holds my wine glasses and filled it with leaves and a pumpkin that I stole from the farm. I WISH I would have gotten the amazing white hand carved tray from India I found the other day. It would have been perfect here with the pop of white. Fingers crossed it’s still there when I go back.

Kidnapped Pumpkin from the Farm

On a completely unrelated note I got this amazing vintage typesetters tray a few weeks ago. I’ve been slowly filling the little squares with some unique finds.


Vintage Typesetters Tray from

Close Up Typeset

8 cent Stamp

Hope you’ll stop back by later this week! Janice is working on a project for her Living Room and we should have something new!

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