10 Years Later & It’s Time for a Change

Ok so maybe it’s not been 10 years since I painted my living room but it sure feels like it. Let me just say back when it came to choosing colors accent walls were in. I can’t remember exactly what colors I used but the blue is the primary color and the light gray-white is the accent.


Over the years the colors haven’t changed but we’ve put down new floors after a flood. That’s about all that’s changed since then.

I got married during those years so I’ve inherited a lot of things that were from my husband’s house. We also sold a cabin on the river and took in all those things too. Needless to say my house technically has three different styles, decor, and furniture pieces.

Step 1: Find new couch, loveseat and ottoman. Check. We recently went to Glen’s Furniture in Broken Bow, OK. This is a locally owned furniture store that offers a lot of different vendors. We chose our new furniture and we have a 4-6 week wait period while it’s being custom made.

This is where the couch usually sits.


Step 2: Sell the old furniture. Check. When I inherited the furniture from my husband’s house my mother and I made a trade. I got her couch and loveseat. She got the hubby’s floral couch. (Yes…floral. For those of you that know the hubby you know he’s not a floral fan so I’m not sure how he ended up with it.) I posted on Facebook and sold them within a week. What we didn’t think of was the fact that we’re now without furniture, except for a recliner, for another 2-4 weeks while ours is being made. By the way, beanbags aren’t nearly as comfortable as they were when I was younger!

Prints over the old couch

Step 3: Obtain paint samples from Lowe’s. Check. Between Emily and myself we got 7 different colors to test. I initially went for the “greige” colors but the hubby ended up choosing a color that Emily chose to test for her own walls. The selected color is “Mindful Gray” by Sherwin Williams. Now that the color has been chosen we’ll be painting as soon as I get some time off.

You can see I was testing paint colors over there!

So far that’s as far as I’ve gotten. Once the furniture is in and the painting is done Emily and I are planning a trip to Canton, TX to go shopping for accessories.

We’ve also got a DIY project in the planning stages. I’ll give you a hint……old TV stand turns into something I’ve desperately wanted for a long time.

Old Living Room Primary & Accent Color

Our sweet girl, Pepper

Our sweet & crazy Labrador, Pepper! She was posing for me!

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