DIY Vintage-Inspired Barnwood Signs

I‘ve been so inspired over the last few days because of all the new blogs I’ve begun following. There are so many projects I’ve seen that I want to try out in my own house! I should really stop exploring because I keep jumping from one project in one room to another.


Here is the completed sign! Please ignore the orange walls! They’re going away as soon as I decide on a paint color.

First you’ll need to obtain the barnwood. You could also use a new piece of wood but I love the rustic look of the barnwood for these signs. Maybe you know someone who has an old barn you could snatch a piece from but I didn’t. I found this piece of barnwood at a local salvage store. For you locals, you can go to Architectural Salvage by Ri-Jo in Mena, AR. They’ve got so many interesting salvaged pieces including a large stock of wood. I picked up two pieces for two individual signs.

I scoured the internet to find a font I liked then used my computer and a projector to trace out the letters directly onto the board. It took a little time but unlike some people I am not that great at free-hand lettering. (Yet! Hopefully!) I wasn’t too worried about getting the letters perfectly centered because I wanted it to look authentic and I didn’t figure they worried about it too much.

Use word processing program to create template


You can just barely see but here’s the board once I was finished tracing the letters. I LOVE the pharmacie sign that Joanna Gaines put up in her kitchen and almost went with a similar design. Then I saw a design that said “supermarket” and “farmer’s market” and almost decided on those but I eventually went with Mercantile instead.


I chose to paint my lettering in Antique White. You can choose any color you’d like. I used plain acrylic craft paint you can find at any discount or big box store.


Very carefully and very slowly I filled in the lettering. Here are a few pictures of the progress.




I painted the outsides of the letters first then filled them in. I also painted against the grain so it looked like the paint had flaked off during it’s years.


I hung my completed sign, which I will tell you had to weigh close to 30 pounds, using a French cleat. Barnwood or any old wood is much thicker and heavier than new boards so plan accordingly so it doesn’t fall off the wall or worse.

I also made another board that says “HARVEST”. Here are some pictures but I’ve got another vignette in the works so you’ll see a final picture in a little bit.



I hope you’re inspired to try your hand at your own vintage-inspired barnwood sign! Thanks for stopping by and please sign up to receive our posts via email using the subscribe button. We don’t want you to miss a single post!!


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