50 Shades of Gray

Do you know how many different shades of gray exist in the paint department? There are warm grays that have a red or brown undertone. There are cool grays that have a distinct blue undertone. Then there are the neutral grays. They are the perfect mixture of warm and cool undertones but they are very elusive.

Most of you, if not all of you, know I’ve been on the search for the perfect gray for a few weeks now. Why gray you ask?? Gray is one of my favorite colors. My bedding is gray. My closet is full of it. My new furniture was chosen to match the hopefully-soon-to-be-found gray chaise couch. I could paint every room in the house gray and be perfectly happy. In fact, that will probably happen.

I’ve been to Lowe’s every week for the last three weeks picking out different sample colors. After all the different paint swatches up on my walls now I think I’ve finally decided which one is my next wall color.

I chose “Passive Gray” as my first wall color sample and “Extra White” as trim color.

Extra White & Passive Gray

The wall color was WAY too blue. Especially when it was next to the green floral I had in a galvanized bucket on the mantle. The white was also wrong because it was too bright up next to the ceiling. Yes..I have dreaded popcorn ceilings but right now it stays.

Back to Lowe’s I go. Next gray was “Kinley Gray” and new trim color “Pure White”.

Kinley Gray

Again……the wall color was not exactly the color I had in mind. Trim color was perfect. 1 out of 2 isn’t bad!

I was prepared this time. I already chose and had a sample of my next wall color selected. This time I tried “Perpetual Gray”.

Perpetual Gray

I love this color but since my walls are already a dark khaki color I wasn’t sure I wanted to go with another dark color. My room does get flooded by sunlight during the day so I don’t think I’d have an issue but my goal is to lighten and brighten so on to the next color.

The last color I picked out was “Mindful Gray”. By this time I was over the perfect square patch so I went crazy but as soon as it dried and I had the chance to “live” with it for a day or so I knew this was the color. 7 shades of gray and white I finally chose the colors! It wasn’t 50 but I felt like it was after testing color after color.

Mindful Gray

3 Latest Color Choices

Trim is Pure White. From left to right wall colors: Mindful Gray, Kinley Gray and Perpetual Gray.

All colors are from the HGTV Collection by Sherwin Williams. They can be purchased as Lowe’s. The samples cost me about $3.50 each and are about the size of a quart. Plenty of paint to truly test your selected color.

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