Sore Muscles & Found Treasures

I hope y’all had a good weekend. I spent mine painting. I am so sore and completely over painting. It took me forever to get my living room painted and I was up and down the ladder all day yesterday and today. I even did a mini-makeover on my fireplace! I’ll share a few pictures at the very bottom of the post.

Anyways back to the real post. You may or may not know that I’m obsessed with finding all sorts of treasures in flea markets and antique stores. I’ve always been drawn to older items whether it be an old house or anything else. I can’t say I’m drawn to a specific period of time but a very eclectic mix. I love everything from old rusty farm equipment to Art Deco (LOVE) all the way up to items from the 50’s and 60’s. I’ll admit I do drawn the line at the 60’s though anything past that is a little too out there for me. (Read….lava lamps, modern furniture shapes, etc.)

Both my mother and I love to stop in and dig around in the flea markets we stumble upon while traveling. Over the last few weeks we became obsessed with stopping in at Resurrections Antique Mall in Sheridan, Arkansas. I especially hit the jackpot this past week. Here are pictures of my latest treasures!

Cotton Stems & Washboard

Cotton Stems: The Front Porch in Mena, AR | Washboard: Resurrections Antique Mall in Sheridan, AR

1st Dining Room Fall Vignette

Yeast Box, Potato Mashers, Rolling Pin, Spindles, Measuring Tape: Resurrections Antique Mall in Sheridan, AR 

2nd Dining Room Fall Vignette

Barnwood Sign: DIY here | Clock & Metallic Pumpkin: Kirkland’s | Blue Ball Jar & Wood Thing with Lid: Resurrections Antique Mall in Sheridan, AR | Flowers: yellow wildflowers and the last hydrangea stolen from Mom’s bush | Coast Guard Print: purchased from a local artist in Ilwaco, Washington 

Funny thing about the “Wood Thing with Lid”: that’s literally what the tag said when I picked it up to see what exactly it was. It has a small divot under the lid so I guess it could hold something small. I paid a whole $1 for it.

Bucket filled with Magnolia branches

Galvanized Pail: Resurrections Antique Mall in Sheridan, AR | Magnolia Branches: stolen from a tree in town (shhhh!)

Now that you’ve seen my latest finds and new fall vignettes I’ll show you the new paint color and the mini-makeover I finished on my fireplace today.

Entryway Storage

Wire Shelving Unit: TJ Maxx | Wooden Shoe Forms: Resurrections Antique Mall in Sheridan, AR | Give Thanks Sign & Mini Jute Pumpkins: Kirkland’s | Bowl: can’t remember, dug it out of a kitchen cabinet | Wall Color: Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams

Here is my newly painted living room! I’m so in love with this color! You can also see a sneak peek of the fireplace makeover.

New paint!

Wall Color: Mindful Gray by Sherwin Williams | Trim Color: Pure White by Sherwin Williams

Closer Mantle

This is a “BEFORE” picture of my fireplace.

"After" Fireplace Makeover

AND……This is a picture of the AFTER fireplace.

I did a 50/50 mixture of water to Pure White paint. After it dried I went back and added a little Mindful Gray to create some depth. I’m in love with it. In a few weeks I hope to create a new mantle that will fit over the existing mantle like a slipcover. I think this one is a bit too insubstantial for the scale of the fireplace.

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