DIY Blanket Ladder


This blanket ladder from Pottery Barn is beautiful isn’t it? What if I told you it retails for $249, still love it?

In tonight’s post I’m going to share how to make your very own for around $40!

Head on over to Home Depot, Lowe’s, or any store that sells lumber. Pick up the following items:

  • two – 6′ x 2″ x 2″ boards (you can use furring strips that’ll run about $3 each but I used select lumber that was better quality and cost $8 each)
  • two – 4′ x ⅞” diameter dowel rods
  • box/package of 2″ wood screws (you’ll need at least 8)
  • one tube of stainable wood filler
  • one quart of choice stain (or two)
  • felt pads to prevent floor scratches
  • If desire, also purchase some pre-stain wood conditioner

Step 1: Measure the 6′ x 2″ x 2″ boards from top to bottom marking every 12″ lightly with a pencil. Don’t worry about measuring the last 12″. Measurements should be 12″ from top, another 12″, another 12″, another 12″ then a larger 24″ measurement at the bottom. Each of these measurements will have a dowel rod for the “steps” of the ladder.

Step 2: Using a drill, drill some pilot holes at every pencil mark. Make sure you push completely through the board so the hole is visible from both sides. I’m sorry I don’t have photographs of these steps, they were completed before I got the camera ready.

Step 3: Measure off the dowel rods at 18″. You will need a total of 4 – 18″ dowels.

Dowel Measurements

Step 4: Using a miter saw or miter box and handsaw cut the dowels into their 18″ lengths.

Cut Dowels - 18" each

Cut Dowels

You should now have 4 – 18″ dowels.

Step 5: For this step you may need an extra set of hands! Have your helper hold one end of the dowel in place against the 6′ board at each pre-drilled pilot hole. Using a drill and wood screw attach the dowel. Repeat on the other side. Once the top rung is in place move onto the bottom rung. Repeat to attach the rung.

Attach dowels to posts.

Step 6: Attach the middle rungs using wood screws. The last rung will be a tight fit.


Step 7: Fill in the screw holes with stainable wood filler and allow to dry.

Step 8: I chose to pretreat my lumber with Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner. It helps make sure the stain goes on evenly. Spread pre-stain on with a cloth or staining pad. Allow to penetrate for 5 – 15 minutes then use a clean cloth to remove excess.

Pretreating Wood with Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner

Step 9: Within 2 hours of pre-treatment you’ll need to stain your ladder utilizing whatever stain color you have chosen. I stained my ladder with 2 coats of Weathered Oak stain followed by 2 coats of Antique Walnut stain/polyurethane mix. My mother chose to stain her ladder with White Pickling stain. Allow to dry fully.

After 2nd Coat of Weathered Oak Stain

Step 10: Decorate to your hearts desire! If your ladder will be used on floor that can scratch you’ll need to put some felt pads on the bottom of the legs.

Completed Ladder After 2 coats of Antique Walnut Stain

Completed and Filled with my new blankets!

Don't you love it!?!?

My new blanket ladder is right over next to my “new” reading nook!

This is such an easy project and you can save so much money DIY’ing it yourself. If you’d rather spend the $249 version (which I do have to say looks almost exactly like the one I made, but is 1′ shorter) you can go here.


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