Nights by the Glow of a Christmas Tree

I think I’m almost finished decorating for the holidays. ALMOST. I’m sure that something will catch my eye as I finish up my Christmas shopping and I know somehow it will end up in my cart but I have no more plan for any additional decor.

In my last post (in case you missed it, click here) I showed you the decor in the dining room. I’m not yet finished putting everything up in there but you’ve seen the majority of it. Last left on the dining room decor list is putting up the “old” Christmas tree.


Last year I purchased a six foot tree. It worked all right but my ceiling height demands something a little taller. This year when Hobby Lobby put their trees half off I snapped one up real quick. This years tree is 7 ½ foot tall. It’s prelit and came with pine cones attached. It was worth every penny.

With the new tree came all new ornaments and garland. I picked up most of the ornaments at Hobby Lobby, Kirkland’s, TJ Maxx, Home Goods and even a few from Home Depot.




My tree topper was found at back of a bottom shelf at TJ Maxx. Antique Mirror was a gift last Christmas from my mother. She found it at Canton, TX during Trade Days.


I had been looking everywhere for the “right” tree skirt and couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. I ended up purchasing a blanket from Home Goods and using it as a tree skirt. All wrapping paper and gift trim is from Hobby Lobby.

Now to the lights……The best part about putting up all the Christmas decor is the lights. A night spent enjoying the lights from a Christmas tree makes all the effort and time put into decorating all the more worth it.


My mantle got a Christmas make-over too! I made my own magnolia leaf garland. If you want the same instructions I used check out Karianne’s post over at Thistlewood Farms. I added some battery operated starry lights I found in the $1 section at Target.


A family friend has some old windows that mom used to create a new dining room wall gallery. Instead of tossing all the casing I broke it apart and created this sign.


It was really easy. We took one board and ripped it in half lengthwise with the saw. We took the other boards, measured them to 30 inches and cut them to size. We then used the ripped boards to support the pieces from the back. I even left in the old window sash pulleys. I then painted it with white acrylic paint and handpainted all the lettering and mini-trees using different colors of acrylic paints. Easy-peasy!


Those two cardboard trees on either end of the mantle are no longer there. I used them in a project I’ll blog about in a couple days.


My entryway got some Christmas cheer too.


So did the front door…


and the coat rack….


and the reading nook….



and the two armchairs next to the fireplace!


Even the couch got a few pillows tossed on to cheer it up!


Time for another #foxhollowfridayfavs share! This is my couch. It's a hand-me-down that's waiting to be replaced but I'm so picky about what I want that I can't find it. Even though I would have never chosen it this is one of my favorite spots in my house. I love to curl up with a cup of coffee or cocoa and watch tv or read a book. It's currently decked out for #Christmas with some fun pillows. Hey @hildebrandpamela, @ourhouseofthree and @shabbyandsewmuchmor do you want to share your favorite spot?

One last photo before I’m finished! After you all saw my dining room table decor I found these awesome Joyeux Noel plates at Home Goods and had to trade them out for the “Naughty & Nice” Rae Dunn plates you previously saw!



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