Glass Glitter Obsession & an Instagram Giveaway

Wow, what a week it’s been! Thanksgiving was a success and we all ate way too much food. Luckily we didn’t cook too much so we only had to have leftovers a couple times.

I wanted to share with you my latest obsession! Be careful or you’ll end up just as addicted to using it as I am!

Have you ever heard of Miss Mustard Seed’s Glass Glitter? No, well let me tell you about it. I was lucky enough to stumble across it on Decor Steals. They had a great deal and I ended up purchasing two containers of the glitter. I chose Fallen Snow and Silver Tiara. At the time I purchased it I didn’t really have a plan in place but I knew I could come up with something. You can buy your own here: Meyer Imports.



This glitter is not like normal glitter. It is made from German glass that has been ground up. There are extra fine and coarse pieces of glass that mean you get good coverage as well as extra sparkle. I do caution you that it is not suitable for children….it is made of glass. I was not cut using it and had no issues but just in case……no kids.


I was in Hobby Lobby the other day and stumbled on these cute cardboard Christmas trees. I instantly thought I could use my Miss Mustard Seed Glass Glitter for one of them. I decided to buy some twine and wrap the larger of the two.

I used matte Mod Podge (can be found at any hobby or craft store) to adhere the glitter. If I ever made any of these trees again I would definitely paint the tree prior to coating with glitter, especially if I used the Fallen Snow (white) glitter again.


I used a hot glue gun to wrap and secure the twine around the larger of the two trees. Here is a few photos of the progress.


While I was a Hobby Lobby I also found these letters cut out of MDF. I chose NOEL and covered them with the Silver Tiara glass glitter. I then hung them using a piece of twine and these cute mini clothespins I found at the $1 spot at Target.


 For those of you who follow us on Instagram (or anyone who wants to join) we are currently holding a giveaway.


You can find us and all the information about this giveaway on our page. Search @shadyoaksfarm then go back through our posts to find the original picture that looks just like this one. It will explain all the details and rules. Giveaway ends this Friday, December 4th, 2015. Go check it out!!

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