A Fresh Start – Day 1 of 2016

A new year means a fresh start. While things aren’t truly starting again the year does offer the ability to begin again.

That’s why New Year’s Resolutions are so popular.

This year I decided not to have a resolution. Sounds goofy but I don’t stick to them anyways.

Oh everyone does for a few weeks, myself included, but they hardly ever last in the long run.

Instead, I’ve decided to focus on tasks I want to accomplish. Some of them will take a lot of work and time. Others will be a quick fix.

Task 1: Dismantle the Christmas tree and all the other Christmas decor. Wow was there a lot of it too! I was able to accomplish that so, YAY me!



Instagram is full of other bloggers and home decorators that have been putting out winter decor but when it came time for me to decorate I leaned towards green. Not the Christmas green of pine and cedar but the spring green of new plants. The fresh green looks so nice against the shade of gray, white and brown that are common colors in my home.

Task 2: Locate & purchase the sofa of my dreams.

This one is a little more difficult. I have been looking for a new sofa for a while now. Nothing I find matches the vision I have in my head. To give my living room a mini-makeover I used the money I received on a Target gift card to purchase a very nice slipcover. I highly recommend it if anyone is thinking about purchasing one. I chose a slipcover that is made of stretchy fabric and came in two pieces. One piece fits over the couch itself while the other is a zippered sleeve for the seat cushions.




I was also lucky enough to go to Target on a day when their area rugs were on sale so I picked up one of those too.

Task 3: Finish painting the trim and cabinets in the dining room! If I finish that then all my current painting projects will be completed. You can see in the photo below what I’m talking about but don’t look at the mess. I’ve got dog toys, Christmas presents yet to be given and a pile of outdoor pillows crammed in a basket. Oh yes and that rug is also going soon.


Task 4: Finish the gallery wall in the living room. I’ve been picking up odd items here and there but no defined ideas in mind. This is what I’ve got so far. I think I need some smaller items to fill in the gaps. And some more actual photos.


Task 5: This task is the largest of all the things I’ve got going on right now. I can’t tell you what it is just yet but I can’t wait until I can share with you. I’ll just say it’s been something we have been thinking about for a while now and have recently made the decision to move forward with it.

Here are a few other photographs I snapped for today’s post. I’m super excited my paperwhites are actually blooming!



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