My Decor Wishlist Vol. 1

I have been lucky enough to have some free time these last couple days to do some internet window shopping!

I’ve stumbled upon some of the most beautiful and unique pieces. I want them all.

If anyone won the lottery last night will you share so I can get these??


Two words: vintage demijohn. I don’t have tall ceilings in my house but oh if I did! How gorgeous is this!!!


These super cute chalkboard globes would fit in so perfectly with my “Wanderlust” themed dining room decor.


A vintage-inspired document cabinet?!? Yes please!


Industrial glam pendant? I’ll take two.


I’ve already shared this one on Instagram but I couldn’t resist sharing again here. That windmill clock and those candlesticks!!


To the eye this looks like an ordinary wooden chair but it’s not wood, it’s made out of metal. Perfect for that farmhouse table I’ve had my eye on.


These sand timers are flying off every shelf I’ve seen them and I know exactly why!


Last but not least, vintage seltzer bottles. I have one I found at an antique store but I need a whole lot more! For what you ask, why decor! I can just see it now…….I’ll build some of these Shanty 2 Chic floating shelves in the corner of the dining room and these will go there along with some of my milk glass collection. Or maybe some blue Mason jars!

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